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    The mean age of first sexual intercourse was obviously estimated solely using subjects who have already had sexual intercourse whereas the proportion of youth that were sexually initiated use all youth in each age group as the denominator. This essentially biases the interpretation of such means. The countries compared are Uganda and Kenya, and the first graph in each series shows the experience of women aged 25—34 years at the time of the last survey, the middle panel illustrates the experience of women aged 15—24 years at that time, and the bottom panel refers to men aged 15—24 years. Affective reactions to one-night stands among mated and unmated women and men. Open Access This article is distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial License which permits any noncommercial use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author s and source are credited. A more precise depiction of trends and displaying percentages to target audiences provides the clearest picture and can be of crucial help to health policy makers and health education managers who are trying to convey the importance of delaying sexual initiation among youth.

    Age at first sex experience

    Sexual debut, Adolescent risk behaviors, Sexual intercourse, Sexual differences 1. The fact that different patterns are observed for different countries suggests that a variety of reporting errors may occur with different prominence. Results A total of 72, students were included in the pooled dataset weighted numbers: Pooled analysis of the IARC human papillomavirus prevalence surveys. A Tanzanian males, B Kenyan females. A more precise depiction of trends and displaying percentages to target audiences provides the clearest picture and can be of crucial help to health policy makers and health education managers who are trying to convey the importance of delaying sexual initiation among youth. If early sexual experience is misreported in the light of campaigns promoting abstinence for youth we would expect two types of reporting error: The use of means could, therefore, be conveying a wrong message. Ten year cohorts are used for this analysis because of the relatively low proportion married under age What the Filipino teens think and feel. Uganda has much higher person years married combining those who marry as virgins with those who are sexually experienced than any other country, Kenya has the lowest for both males and females. Much of the literature on sexual debut categorizes time of sexual debut e. The top panel for each sex shows the difference in median age at first sex for successive cohorts using pooled data from all available surveys, the middle panel shows the same differences after adjustment for the effects of education and residence, and the bottom panel includes an additional adjustment for age at survey. The extensive use of mean age of sexual initiation in the scientific literature and consequently in the media suggests that the potential for misleading interpretations is not being adequately taken into account. This will reduce confusion, help avoid erroneous interpretations, and provide a much needed additional source of support to young people, all of which in turn gives such public health policies a better chance of succeeding. A surprising prevention success: This implies that women would be exposed to higher risks of acquiring HIV from their husbands than vice versa even if after marriage neither partner had extramarital sex. A comparison of the sexual behavior of virginity pledgers and matched nonpledgers. We extend these studies by examining sexual debut across a range of years age 12 through 17 rather than categorically. For example, Sandfort et al. They also give an indication of the degree of risk faced by men and women within marriage, due to the past behaviour of the opposite sex. Retrieved June 29, , from http: Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health. Introduction First sexual intercourse, or sexual debut, is a normal part of human development. For example, if age at first sex is strongly correlated with education, and one survey happens to under- or overrepresent respondents with secondary education, a spurious difference by survey and thus by reporting age would be produced within-birth cohorts observed in that survey. Sample weights were also applied to all analyses. This is particularly true for Asians due to the small sample of this population in national data systems.

    Age at first sex experience

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      Overall, Uganda and Zimbabwe report low rates of premarital sexual activity; Kenya and Zambia have relatively high rates.

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