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    A sequel, The Human Tornado , was released in Moore's character, a retired cop, owns and operates a disco and tries to shut down the local angel dust dealer after his nephew becomes hooked on the drug. Shaft was deemed culturally relevant by the Library of Congress , and it spawned two sequels, Shaft's Big Score and Shaft in Africa , as well as a short-lived TV series starring Roundtree. It is not considered by its makers a true blaxploitation picture. Pam Grier once again plays a nurse on a vendetta against a drug ring. The film was reportedly pulled from distribution because of its politically controversial message and depictions of an American race war.

    Black sex movie clips

    During his arrest, he saves a young black male from a police beating by attacking the white police officers. Trouble Man stars Robert Hooks as "Mr. Blackenstein is a parody of Frankenstein and features a black Frankenstein's monster. Hookers In Revolt stars and isdirected by Sean Weathers. The soundtrack was recorded by Willie Hutch. Nelson , Sharon Stone , and Vanity also star. Undercover Brother centers around a blaxploitation-style secret agent. Mandingo is based on a series of lurid Civil War novels and focuses on the abuses of slavery and the sexual relations between slaves and slave owners. Three the Hard Way features three black men Fred Williamson , Jim Kelly , and Jim Brown who must stop a white supremacist plot to eliminate all blacks with a serum in the water supply. Action Jackson is a film where the protagonist Jericho Jackson Carl Weathers , uses catchphrases to taunt his opponents. The movie is set in Oakland, California and was the biggest grossing blaxploitation film of its time. Hammer, a boxer who gets mixed up with a crooked manager who wants him to throw a fight for the Mafia. Slaughter stars Jim Brown as an ex-Green Beret who seeks revenge against a crime syndicate for the murder of his parents. Black Eye is an action-mystery starring Fred Williamson as a private detective investigating murders connected with a drug ring. Speed also sings the title song. It was followed by the sequel, The Soul of Nigger Charley. Marshall who is bitten and imprisoned by Count Dracula. The first film marks the beginning of a subgenre of blaxploitation films focusing on strong female leads taking an active role in shootouts and fights. A hit in its time, it was later pulled from the theaters after Warner Bros. Super Fly is one of the most controversial, profitable, and popular classics of the genre. This police drama, starring an attractive young black woman Teresa Graves as an undercover cop, waslater made into a short-lived TV series. It features Richard Ward and Ken Norton. A token black CIA employee, who is secretly a black nationalist , leaves his position to train a street gang in CIA tactics to become an army of " freedom fighters ". He learns that his niece has been forced into pornography. Director Quentin Tarantino pays homage to the blaxploitation genre.

    Black sex movie clips

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      Jeanne Bell and Jayne Kennedy rescue prisoners held at an evil coffee plantation. It features Richard Ward and Ken Norton.

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