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    The committee consisted of the Pastor, the Principal, four teachers and two parents. Please exercise the responsibility God placed upon you when God gave you your children. However, due to pressure from concerned parents, he agreed to form a committee that he would select. This overview of our experience is intended for any parents that might be undertaking a similar task in your school. Finally if the Church, by way of the Catholic school, does cooperate with parents in providing this education it must be done with the full consent and knowledge of parents. It would be difficult to claim that the purpose of these programs is to teach morality, in view of their explicitness, their amoral manner of representation, and their use of crude language. The preoccupation with sex that they foster is neither normal nor desirable. Paul tells us that immorality, obscenity, and uncleanness should "not even be mentioned" among Christians. In programs we have seen which were given with this admonition, nothing at all is left to the imagination.

    Catholic sex education program

    When bishops have countenanced sex education in schools, it is clear that they intended an education based on morality, and aimed at forming, in the young, the virtues of modesty and chastity. Whether or not parents have over time abdicated those duties or their duties were usurped by the school system, the fact remains that sex education has become firmly entrenched in our public and Catholic schools. Much of the material in use is explicit and sensual, and in some cases borders on pornography. While they are particularly bad for the young, these programs would not be good for people of any age, for they include information that no moral person needs. This is probably due, on the part of the Bishops, to a misunderstanding of what is meant by sex education. Our core group of parents which included one of the parent representatives on the committee independently purchased and reviewed all the curriculums being considered. Insist on your right to know. Begin by reading the document The Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality, search out articles and books about chastity, view Catholic tapes, attend Catholic seminars and listen to Catholic radio see resource list to follow. Despite this wise stand on the part of the Church, some Catholic schools have followed the example of public schools or have bowed to liberal pressure and have put in sex education programs; and some Bishops have been persuaded to permit, and even to recommend, sex education in classrooms. The focus must be on parental catechesis not on prematurely and inadequately giving children sexual information. Hopefully, you may benefit from some of the lessons we learned through our experience. Education for chastity, he says, is absolutely essential. Every aspect of sex is explored, and the most explicit descriptions of deviant and aberrant behavior are included. Sweden was a pioneer in this field. We have specific examples and data to support this recommendation. Of particular offense is that much of the education is taking place in a co-educational setting. In fact, in the programs of which we speak, there is no mention of the morality or immorality of any particular action. In programs we have seen which were given with this admonition, nothing at all is left to the imagination. This overview of our experience is intended for any parents that might be undertaking a similar task in your school. Please feel free to contact a member of our core group confidentially through Catholic Parents OnLine, we would be glad to share more specific details about curriculum, resources and lend moral support if possible. These programs are based on a philosophy of humanism. The reason for this should be very easy to see. None of these we have seen are favorable to chastity. The Bishops, in all probability, would be embarrassed if they themselves were exposed to the type of sex education that is given children in many classrooms today, and would dislike reading some of the material. However, our group was prohibited from presenting any information, comments, questions and concerns directly to the committee.

    Catholic sex education program

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