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    There are well-recognised predicators of recidivism in MDOs, with examples including beliefs and attitudes supporting a criminal lifestyle and poor social problem-solving skills[ 3 - 4 ]. Forty-eight items, each rated on a 3-point Likert-type format scale, provide these domains with higher scores indicating higher anger levels score range between 16 and 48 for each domain ; a total score can also be obtained by summing the domain scores score range from Treatment completion rate The average number of sessions attended was All authors contributed equally to this work; Young S and Gudjonsson GH designed the research, analysed the data and drafted the manuscript; Das M contributed to interpretation of the data and drafts of the manuscript; all authors read and approved the final paper. The two studies included 67 and 30 male participants in the treatment group, respectively.

    Cognitive skills program for sex offenders

    The two studies included 67 and 30 male participants in the treatment group, respectively. Information on the reason for drop out was only available for As far as treatment completion was concerned, none of the background factors predicted treatment effectiveness age, ethnic background, level of security, number of previous convictions and number of previous hospital admissions. A binary logistic regression was used to investigate which of the outcome measures best predicted completion vs non completion. In controlled trials the failure to complete the programme reduces the real differences between the treatment and control groups[ 25 ]. Following factor analysis the 56 items can be stratified into two factors: Exclusion criteria included intellectual disability, patients who were mentally unstable e. Patients are stratified based on whether they present a serious danger to themselves and others and have potential to abscond, hence reside within a graded care system relative to their individual needs. Machismo - endorsing stereotypical expectations of men as strong and tough 42 items based on this factor and Acceptance - accepting and enjoying violent behaviour 14 items based on this factor. Maudsley Violence Questionnaire[ 17 , 18 ]: Treatment completion rate The average number of sessions attended was Higher scores indicate a greater degree of problems. Consequently, there is a rising demand for evidence-based treatments designed to minimise antisocial behaviour in MDOs and manualised programmes have been developed in an attempt to reduce the rates of offending through cognitive skills training[ 5 ]. The measure is reported to have high test-retest reliability 0. Was used to assess cognitive, arousal, and behavioural domains of anger experience. The completion rates for the three levels of security low, medium, high were The Locus of Control Scale[ 23 ]: All measures are self-reported with the exception of the DBSP which is rated by an informant. The Inventory is comprised of five subscales: This study adds important new information to understanding factors that predict treatment completion of the Reasoning and Rehabilitation Mental Health Programme cognitive skills programme for mentally disordered offenders. Predictors of treatment completion included background variables and five outcome measures: No other predictors of non-compliance were examined in this study. The programme offers a novel approach by allowing participants to engage in both individual and group therapy, with the latter being achieved by the inclusion of a mentoring paradigm whereby a member of staff meets with the patient between group sessions to assist the participant to transfer skills learned in the group into their daily lives. Change scores in the outcome measures between baseline Time 1 and end of treatment Time 2 were measured in two ways: Mentors receive written guidance about how to structure each mentoring session and received training and on-site supervision from programme facilitators.

    Cognitive skills program for sex offenders

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