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    Players have been suspended, such as Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger following allegations of sexual assault and former Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre after his incident with a New York Giants field reporter. However, long snapper Trey Junkin botched the snap, leading to holder Matt Allen to throw a desperation pass to Rich Seubert , which fell incomplete, giving San Francisco the win. Music City Miracle[ edit ] Main article: After Bills kicker Steve Christie kicked off to Titans returner Lorenzo Neal , Neal handed the ball to Frank Wycheck , who then threw a lateral across the field to Kevin Dyson , who then ran 75 yards for a touchdown and the lead. Ike Taylor allegedly sent Cantor inappropriate pictures of himself including a nude video of him masturbating in the shower. Following the report, the UCI stripped all of Armstrong's results and awards from that time forward, including his then-record seven Tour de France wins. Doping in sport Ben Johnson 's positive test for steroids after his Olympic victory in the metres The Festina affair — a series of doping investigations and scandals surrounding the Tour de France , initially focusing on the Festina cycling team , but quickly spreading to several other teams. He is said to have been the one who hired the boats for the cruise on Lake Minnetonka.

    Famous nfl sex scandles

    After they upheld the simultaneous possession as a completion in favor of the Seahawks, the controversy surrounding the play led to a plausible disdain from not only irate Packer fans but also NFL fans in general. He will serve the sentences consecutively. The NFL has made a statement that the headsets were on loan from the NFL, and that there's no way that they could have been tampered with. Ultimately, in , the players union went on strike. If a player continued, after being warned, to break this rule during the game, the player was to be thrown out of the game. In , the league adopted the 1-year system, where a team can only renew a player's contract for one year. Horse racing scandals[ edit ] Horse murders — from —, wealthy owners and trainers of show jumping horses conspired to electrocute and otherwise kill over-valued as well as under-performing animals in a year-long scheme to defraud insurance companies. To this day, Quick does not acknowledge that he made this vanilla move, later deciding to aim his ball at the hole and not at passing cyclist Frederick Clifton. If there was any sense that we would look the other way regarding this type of behavior, I want to make it extremely clear that this behavior will never be tolerated again. In , the " Rozelle Rule" was created, where a team that signs a player must compensate for the player's expenses from his previous team. The system consisted of teams protecting 37 players, and having the remaining players becoming unrestricted free agents. None of the men accused in the suit responded to requests for comment. The 49ers would also have been penalized for pass interference on defensive end Chike Okeafor for pulling down Seubert, which wasn't called. Music City Miracle[ edit ] Main article: Steelers running back Franco Harris , who had been heading downfield in the event that Bradshaw needed another receiver, caught the ball before it hit the ground and ran for the game-winning touchdown. Both teams involved pulled out of the Tour. Age controversies in gymnastics USA Gymnastics sex abuse scandal — former USA Gymnastics national team doctor, Larry Nassar , was accused of sexual abuse by more than girls and women. Smoot then signed a contract for the event and gave his address and phone number so she could bill him for it. As pass interference is not reviewable, the replay officials who were not replacements could only review the simultaneous catch ruling. The events of the past week are unacceptable. Likewise in , Vijay Singh was caught erasing his score on a hole and replacing it with a lower score after the scorecard had been signed. It has a business relationship with Vox but is not owned by it. Lance Johnstone[ edit ] Merritt Geyen, a dock employee, told the detective that crew members showed Johnstone, Smoot and an unidentified player around the boats, went over menus and talked about specialty liquors. Eric Davis is accused of sliding his hand between Cantor's legs, grabbing her, rubbing up against her and making lewd comments to her. As with new NFL rules on instant replay, all touchdowns were liable to official review. The rules at the time called for a warning to be issued and a possible fine for this infraction. For many of these scandals, the resulting discipline came directly from the National Football League.

    Famous nfl sex scandles

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      The two officials standing near the play each made their own call of the play. In , the " Rozelle Rule" was created, where a team that signs a player must compensate for the player's expenses from his previous team.

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      Two riders, including pre-race favorite Alexander Vinokourov , were disqualified for doping offenses.

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      Donovan McNabb is accused of sending inappropriate text messages. Raiders quarterback Ken Stabler took the snap, and saw Chargers linebacker Woodrow Lowe about to sack him.

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      He was sentenced to 40 to years in prison on sexual assault charges in January Faulk fondled Cantor's breasts, invited her to his hotel room and pulled out his genitals in front of her and asked, "when are you going to get on this already?

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