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    The complaining kept up right until his mother announced they would be arriving in five minutes. Stephen and Michael followed Rachel as she walked naked into the next room. I am going to have to stretch her open gradually before she will be able to accept my cock. He could feel her tighten on the finger, attempting to escape the cruel ravishment of her asshole. Now he couldn't ignore them. Once I manage to stretch you open, I will begin to forcefully fuck you. He grasped both of her breasts in his hands.

    Forced anal sex fantasy

    There is nothing more comforting than an orgasm. She could feel the cool air in the room blowing inside her exposed asshole. She tried to escape his cock as it slid deeper into her rectum, making her bellyache and cramp, but he grabbed her shoulders, forcing her down on his hard cock. I slowly began to fade off into my fantasy world. She could see him gazing down at her exposed vagina, her fingers busily masturbating herself to a climax. Her lips were pulled open again and she watched as Michael took the speculum and began to move it toward her spread pussy. The lewd anal contact with his fingers made Sue groan and attempt to squirm away, but his finger followed her limited movement. In spite of the pain, she had cum. Her vagina began to spread open, the sterile instrument forcing itself into her, pushing further and further into her spread body. She sleepily pushed the snooze button for another half-hour and went back to sleep. She struggled to accommodate his big cock. Her finger reached down between her legs and searched out her anus. It was already hard and erect. It will hurt, but I want you to bear down on it and let it enter you. He went to the other side of the bed and began to pull the other rope, pulling her other leg wider and wider. She continued to fuck her pussy and asshole with her own fingers, Michael and Stephen watching her body toss about on the table, her legs still tied open. This is the tale of what happened to him afterwards. I moved the vibrator further back toward my anus. It felt so good, her body searching for an orgasm. Rachel gasped as Michael had finally expanded the speculum, her pussy now spread wide. I had come home from work, ate dinner and took a leisurely bath. She began to buck under him, her face flush with shame and humiliation. My vibrator has become my sex partner. You must get used to the pain. Her body went rigid as he speared her viciously as she felt his cock pulse deep in her rectum. Another finger found her pussy and pushed inside.

    Forced anal sex fantasy

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