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    First, there is absolutely no comparison between American and Chinese-made motors. A motor's voltage is important in the selection or development of a power supply. This is a complete solution between the wall and a motor, not including either the wall or the motor. While I am happy to provide a bit of advice, I do not provide sex machine design or troubleshooting consultation. Finally, you will note that I do not generally have pictures of motors below. Please review your order with care. Good inexpensive motor option, nice speed and big power, replacable brushes. Right angle configuration great for compact machine. I do offer a range of these accessories including two dildo systems..

    Free sex machine diagrams

    Although I will inquire if you order parts that do not work with each other, sex machine parts may not be returned, and orders may not be cancelled once placed. Read the section below about "Selecting A Motor" for a bit more information. They may be run with the fan control circuit at the bottom of this page, as long as you add a Gearmotors come in two basic configurations. Each machine requires four basic components -- powerline, motor, power transmission, and dildo system -- connected by a frame or body. They will happily burn up, especailly if stalled for any length of time. Parallel shaft gearmotors have the output parallel to the armature or motor can , while in right angle motors the output shaft is at a right angle to the armature. Right angle configuration great for compact machine. Includes power cord, OrgasmAlley hand control with XLR plug, wired power and control jacks, blade connectors, wire nut for grounds. Finally, you will note that I do not generally have pictures of motors below. For a sex machine, you want a gearmotor, a motor that directly drives a gear reduction system to provide a reduced output speed and increased torque. Used on several Orgasm Alley models. Full power transmission 1 inlcudes: Sex Machine himself ; Many of these parts and components are the same high quality pieces used on fine handcrafted machines from Orgasm Alley, designs proven over more than a dozen years in the market with thousands of customers. A general assessment of motor power is horsepower, officially If you have a creative bent, enjoy working with your hands, and have some basic building skills, I highly recommend you build a fucking machine. Kit does not include a dildo system In the torque range on a sex machine, we don't need to employ a key. If you see a motor taking in 60 watts 4 amps at 15 volts with a claimed horsepower rating of 0. Good inexpensive motor option, nice power and speed, replacable brushes. Cast aluminum double-gang exterior-grade box with steel cover, modified to mount contol board and two jacks. First, there is absolutely no comparison between American and Chinese-made motors. Includes Probe frame body, two legs , Probe motor Chinese 90 watt RPM , American-made motor speed control, and all other components to complete a Probe machine. They may not, however, have a complete fabrication shop. Chinese motors are larger and heavier and louder, have soft brushes, and are less efficient. IR COMP setting senses motor draw versus set speed, and feeds more power to motor when choking under load Every used motor I sell is thoroughly tested and accurately described.

    Free sex machine diagrams

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