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    He however notes that in extreme cases between a father and daughter, mental evaluation is paramount. Is it that you expected a boy and you got me? Wamula advises that should a person detect that they are sexually attracted to close relatives, they should seek either counseling or mental health services to prevent regrettable situations. The story has emerged in a recently published book called The Incest Diaries which has sparked controversy because of its subject matter. I felt a sense of belonging and a very special attachment to him. That night we discussed many things and he told me that he wouldn't mind telling the world that he loved me were it not for societal outlook.

    Girls having sex with their dad

    Your family will grow healthy if you all exercise gentleness and forgiveness. The biggest controversy, however, is not the graphic descriptions of his actions - but that the writer grew to love having sex with him. Subscribe The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Evewoman. Those were the only times I felt justice being done to me. Scientifically, a baby conceived out of such a relationship is likely to inherit genetic defects and terminating the pregnancy would be the safer option. Daddy is a businessman; so many times he'd be away on business trips. He'd give me money to pay workers. She said she reported the abuse to a family friend who she respected but was told to forget about it. He'd pick me from boarding school and we'd spend the afternoon together. I felt a sense of belonging and a very special attachment to him. Do I give up and move on, or should I stick it out? In one chilling passage the author said as a girl she had a sex education book showing anatomical drawings of a man and woman having sex and wondering why there was no pictures of little girl and a man. Did dad rape you on the night you conceived me," I recited what I had been coached by my peers. Though people may call us insane, from my intellectual eye, I notice even the elders who stood to condemn us admire our relationship. This was very important to me. Was she so blind all those years to see dad was treating me better than her? She said although the abuse was at first painful and frightening over the years she grew to enjoy having sex with him to the point she actively wanted him to do it. In one passage she writes: My daddy is my lover: But dad was and is still different from all the men I have ever met. On the second night he came to my room and without any preambles he held me tightly and gave me a long deep kiss on the lips. Dr Kevin Wamula, a psychiatrist at Mathari Hospital points out that incest is more of a criminal than a mental illness. Getty Images Read More Popular beauty spot closed because of DOGGERS after single men deluge woodland plaguing actual dog walkers On at least one occasion he threatened to kill himself and she even found him stood on a chair with a noose around his neck and masturbated him to calm him down. My mother gave more attention to my two younger brothers and often I felt left out. Understand the depth of her hurt. Don't be hasty to judge me, I have no regrets nor am I ready to change my mind.

    Girls having sex with their dad

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      I know the science behind having a child with a blood relative that's why dad and I have kept it on hold.

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