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    Juveniles of both sexes look alike and will not show any secondary sexual characteristics until they reach maturity. Notice his large, easily visible femoral pores. Juvenile iguanas are significantly more difficult to correctly sex. Bobbing displays are common to both male and females so it is not a reliable means of determining gender. He should right himself shortly, and all will be well.

    Iguana sex

    Another indication that an iguana is a male is the large pores that are visible along the inner thigh. If your iguana is less than a year old, a veterinarian will be the only person who can accurately find out your pet's gender. The hemipenis is a pinkish or black-pinkish soft looking cylindrical pair of shapes. Males are also more likely to have a large dewlap underneath their chin and large muscles next to their jaws. Well it comes down to dealing with a gravid female and possible dystocia egg binding , its very common to have happen to female iguana in captivity and unfortunately many igs die from this each year. Hatfield III, page 78 The hemepenis is a lot like a sock or condom. Hemipenis sightings might become more frequent during breeding season. Hemipenis just coming out of vent. Here is a photo of Jake, a mature male. Males also have two fatty deposits on their forheads, behind the eye and above the ear. Females tend to have longer, slimmer bodies than males and lack the hemipenal bulge near the vent. Seminal plugs can sometimes get caught up with feces inside the iguana and can be found stuck in the vent. Although an experienced person might evert the hemipenis manually, catching a sight of them just "laying around" on film is nothing short of a challenge! A cross section of the iguana tail near the vent may show the female to be more circular, and the male more oval-shaped. Your veterinarian will be the best person to accurately determine the gender of your iguana, especially if you own a young iguana. Notice her small femoral pores. I have seen so many causes where an iguana has laid eggs and the owners are so shocked because they thought their ig was a male the whole time. Due to these invisible lines having two males even in separate enclosures close to each other can stress them out because they will both be leaving markings while out in the same area. Here is another photo of Donnie. In fact, forcibly removing them can cause you iguana some harm. Female - One of the most common questions new iguana owners have is, "How can I tell what sex my iguana is? This is Brownie, who is also a mature male. I am always available to help sex an iguana if you would like help, you can reach me on my instagram page the fasted or on Ontario Iguanas Facebook page. It is easier to see the hemipenal bulges if the iguana is turned to his side. Females will usually take a bit longer, and will not mature until they reach about 10" SVL. Juvenile iguanas are significantly more difficult to correctly sex.

    Iguana sex

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      These also add to the size and blocky shape of the head. Two other male characteristics are a heftier, heavier body and a bulge near the base of the tail where the hemipenes are located.

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      The female pores are very small, and the male pores are enlarged, often with nubby, waxy, comb-like protrusions.

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      Another question often asked is, "Is there any advantages of having one sex over the other? He should right himself shortly, and all will be well.

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