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    Latest updated stories are marked: Feedback Feedback is very welcome, but with most of the authors I do not have contact. I do recommend that you read in between the lines. There are stories mentioned in the trilogy that are more detailed that would otherwise have gone unnoticed by many readers of the LOTR trilogy. A Description of the Isle of Numenor-This is more of an essay that describes the layout and topography of the island of Numenor, established in the Second Age after Morgoth was banished from Middle Earth. This later came out as one complete book, The Children of Hurin. If one has read The Silmarillion, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, including the information-rich Appendix, and still would like to know more about the peoples and histories of Middle Earth, without quite possessing the gumption to commit to the 12 volume "Histories of Middle Earth" compendium, the Unfinished Tales makes for a wonderful addition to the library of a Tolkien fan. A good read but only for the devout and learned follower.

    Istari sex archive renders

    The forewards area always good to put me to sleep. That being said, there is much here to enjoy and in some cases the stories do not feel terribly incomplete, given that some of them are finished in their alternate version contained in The Silmarillion or represent mere treatises on certain aspects of the larger published works. It was given to me as a gift many years ago, however my attempt to read it came to nothing as I found it of little interest and at the time had never even read The Silmarillion, which in my opinion is definitely a pre-requisite before attempting to read this volume. The main point is that this book tries to give an expanded history A good read but only for the devout and learned follower. Verified Purchase Can't get enough Tolkien It's not so much the verbiage, but the textual layout of the book. The authors certainly wouldn't want the things in their stories happening to their character s to happen to anyone in real life. Verified Purchase Awesome This is the final book I'm reading of middle earth Canon and it did not disappoint! Several of the stories are indeed unfinished and replete with commentary by Christopher Tolkien, including appendices to the individual tales as well as extensive end notes. Other stories include the origins of Galadriel and Celeborn, and why they remained in Middle Earth for three ages, and stories of the Third Age, left out of The Lord of the Rings, but could have been in the appendices, such as the origins of Rohan and its people, the Hunt for the Ring, and Gollum. Instead, it presents the unfinished works as they are, with extensive footnotes and appendices that explain any gaps or inconsistencies. To find fault with the content or the manner in which they are presented would seem churlish to me given that they are offered in the manner they were left by the author by one who has charged himself with providing for fans of the author as much material as possible in order to gain a wider appreciation for the world Tolkien created and the process behind its creation. This is an attempt by the author's son, after painstaking research and compilation, to gather together a selection of the hundreds if not thousands of pages of hand-written unpublished material that occupied the author's life before and after the writing of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. While the story ends abruptly once they reach Gondolin, there is much here to enjoy as it is rich with contemplative moments and wonderful descriptions of the realm and the story is finished in the correlative chapter in The Silmarillion, albeit in a more summarized version than it would have been if Tolkien had finished this more expanded version. This is the final book I'm reading of middle earth Canon and it did not disappoint! A must-have for Tolkien fans, though best appreciated after reading his more well-known works. That said, it could be a limitation of the e-book that makes it difficult. This along with Christopher Tolkien's twelve volume history of Middle-earth is essential for any true scholar of Tolkien's work. Still, a great resource for the rabid Tolkien fan. Again, this is not a matter of collected stories by a beloved fantasy author like a standard collection of short stories. The full size renders are on that members only board. Tales of Numenor and of Middle Earth History His son and literary executor Christopher Tolkien compiled the materials that make up this volume. He also made for me the DEMB-logo. The only dull part is the usual foreward where Christopher explains why he presented information in a certain format. This book contains many tales that were briefly mentioned in the form of lays in The Lord of the Rings LOTR , and one story, Narn i Hin Hurin, the longest in this book, expands the story of Turan Turambar in The Silmarillion, telling it in its completion, to which Chapter 21, Of Turin Turmabar, is but the middle and end of the story.

    Istari sex archive renders

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