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    The solution to these problems is for the writer not to be too specific about what the characters are doing, but very specific about their reactions. Sometimes, she would just stop and envelope my whole cunt with her mouth. Make sure your characters stay in character. I laid back for a few minutes and closed my eyes. It's by Elizabeth Benedict, who sounds very much like a Jane Austen heroine, does she not? Vox details two characters sharing their sexual fantasies over the phone, each detail an expression of vulnerability, personal desire, and attempted seduction. My fingers became hers as they playfully found their way into my pussy. I started to bounce up and down in his lap, holding on to the door frame. He reached between my legs and started playing with my bean as I continued to grind on him.

    Make your own sex scene

    For a hilarious and more, um, detailed list, see this piece by Steve Almond from Either way, the language they use to describe sex and body parts is critical to your characters' identity and to their believability in the story. I was flooded with sensation and felt my pussy clench and release, clench and release, until the orgasm passed…I glanced over at John, who suddenly had the strangest look on his face. I started to bounce up and down in his lap, holding on to the door frame. I quickly tried to pop it into my cunt before it melted away into my own juices. It did feel pretty naughty to be completely nude and speeding down the open road. Focus on the dialogue. But how do you write a sex scene without describing physical movement? He looked a little startled, to be honest! Whatever your choice, the first thing to note is that spelling is paramount. What this means is that it's not a good idea to develop a sex scene when your fourteen-year-old might walk into the room at any moment or you expect your mother to call and say, "What are you working on? Some people want to be transported by a sex scene, and unexpected vocabulary and events do that for them. He leaned forward and kissed me again and I kissed him back with more fervor than I had before, and we stood there kissing and kissing between his tent and his car with the corn and the flowers and the stars and the moon all around us and it felt like the nicest thing in the world, my hands running slowly up into his curly hair and down over his thick shoulders and along his strong arms and around to his brawny back, holding his gorgeous male body against mine. There's a whole book on how to write sex scenes. Looping Britney Spears' lyrics through her brain? Slowly, standing at the foot of the bed, the woman began taking off her clothes. We spun out in the golden dust and finally came to a stop. I peeled them down to meet my glistening ankles, and quickly threw them in the backseat. No one's giving a long soliloquy in this situation -- or if they are, they're a very strange duck, which would actually give you a lot of material to work with. Because it's pretty easy. Use the vocabulary that works for you Vocabulary is one of the big questions that authors have when it comes to sexuality — what words is it best to use when journeying beyond polite conversation? Planning out a shopping list? I reached down slowly to take off my shoe. The amazing space created for me when there is nothing demanded or seen. I opened his door and went straight for his zipper. One minute she was vowing to keep secret the fact that she had spotted her husband on a compromising video compromising in a professional way, not a personal or sexual way and the next, she was thinking about sex. That made him smile and instantly rock-hard.

    Make your own sex scene

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