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    So by having infrequent sex, you are less likely to have sex close to the time you ovulate. Even though most wives' tales about guessing the baby's sex are harmless, "My medical caution to my patients is: Remember, whether you're having a boy or a girl, a healthy diet is very important before and during pregnancy. The latest evidence is that the quality of sperm does deteriorate with age and older men produce fewer male sperm. Yes Did you and your partner smoke during the period of conception? A study of 63, births in the area of Essen, West Germany, from to showed that more boys were conceived in early summer, and more girls in winter. But in the meantime, have fun playing the guessing game!

    Predicting babys sex

    If the ring swings around in circles, it's a girl. Yes Does the future dad wear tight boxer shorts? Baby Gender Predictor More than half of the people want to know the gender of the baby before the baby gets born. No This answer suggests either a boy or a girl Yes, I had no treatment or was treated at home This answer suggests either a boy or a girl Yes, I was admitted to hospital for treatment This answer suggests it could be a girl Some experts think that the link between severe pregnancy sickness and female babies is due to high levels of oestrogen. Swinging on a Hair Myth: This myth might have some truth to it. For more details read our Privacy Policy. So by having infrequent sex, you are less likely to have sex close to the time you ovulate. January ; vol But in the meantime, have fun playing the guessing game! In spring and autumn the figures were the same. An alternate version of this myth recommends dangling a pin over the mother's wrist. Stir some Drano into your urine. Rhythm of the Heart Myth: Sick to Your Stomach Myth: Only answer yes if the answer is yes to both parts. Occupations that involve stress or pollutants seem to lead to more girls. A fun tool based on scientific research with a slight wink. Your appetite knows, apparently. Yes This answer suggests it could be a boy No This answer suggests either a boy or a girl We know more boys are born at times of stress, such as after wars, and research carried out so far seems to confirm this. Research has found that moms-to-be pregnant with sons are more likely to develop gestational diabetes — a pregnancy condition characterized by higher-than-normal glucose in the blood — than expectant moms who are pregnant with daughters. How many children do you already have? That means that a longer-lasting female sperm is more likely to win the race. Squeamishness, say researchers, is designed to protect the especially vulnerable male fetus by causing the expectant mom to stay away from sketchy substances. Researchers suspect testosterone secreted by male fetuses could be sending their mothers a signal to eat more. Scientists are not sure why. One possible theory is that it is the effect of the hormone melatonin, which has been shown to cause changes in the reproductive systems of animals in response to the length of the day.

    Predicting babys sex

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      In the early s, researchers at the University of Wyoming performed the test on pregnant women and found it to be "roughly equivalent to flipping a coin" for predicting gender.

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