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    If you cancel at least 72 hours before the event you will get a full refund. No, this is not a sex or play party. The Intermediate dinner is a lot more involved and intense; we recommend that guests have attended at least one Introductory dinner. There is no dress code. We do ask you to keep in mind that creating a gourmet, multi-course meal for up to 24 people takes creativity, time and a lot of hard work.

    Sex in dinner dress

    This is an rated R event, make no mistake. We love to host private parties. We do suggest you bring a date. Wear whatever will enhance your experience at the dinner. Please state your restrictions clearly, and as specifically as possible, when making your reservation. Will my dietary restrictions be honored? Occasionally, guests with BDSM fetishes attend the dinner, interacting with each other based on their mutual interests. This is an erotic and sensual experience, not a sexual experience. The Intermediate dinner always includes specialty items. If you want to go to a sex party, we strongly recommend Twist SF or one of the many parties at Mission Control. We do not charge a corkage fee. Rarely are restrictions such that a guest will need to pass on that part of the meal. You must be at least 18 years of age, or 21 if you would like wine pairings with your meal. The Introductory dinner ends between 9: What happens after I make reservations? So far we are the only dinner of this kind that we know about, any where. There are many, many differences between the two dinners, so many that it is difficult to descirbe them all. Is there a cancellation policy? That being said, we are not equipped to honor Kosher or Halal restrictions. We work very hard to meet your dietary restrictions. How are the Introductory and Intermediate dinners different? Can I take one of the servers home with me? Keep in mind that we plan the wine and the menu together to ensure the best pairings. Our space has a maximum capacity of 49 total people, including guests and staff. How much does the dinner cost? If you want to discuss details, contact me.

    Sex in dinner dress

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