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    In addition to our sex offender search, we offer users quick access to millions of public records, including but not limited to phone numbers and reverse phone look up, addresses, contact information, social media activity, marriage and divorce records, arrest records, criminal convictions, traffic citations, and much more. The Oklahoma Department of Corrections has not considered or assessed the specific risk of re-offense with regard to any individual prior to his or her inclusion on this web site and has made no determination that any individual included on the web site is currently dangerous. GoLookUp makes searching for registered sex offenders in your zip code or state quick and easy. In accordance with New Jersey law, individuals who have been convicted, adjudicated delinquent or found not guilty by reason of insanity for a sex offense must register under New Jersey's Megan's Law. However, information changes quickly and much of the information contained in a registration record has been provided by the registrant. Our goal in doing this is to provide people with the information that they need to protect themselves and their loved ones. Under New Jersey law, before community notification takes place, offenders receive a final classification order from the court following the opportunity for a hearing. Site Traffic and Server Maintenance At times this site may receive an extraordinarily large number of visitors.

    Sex offender lookup and zip code

    The registration time period for Level 1 and 2 offenders whose conviction is from another jurisdiction, begins from initial registration date in Oklahoma. Call with the name and at least one other identifier an exact address, date of birth, driver's license number, or a social security number to learn if that individual is a registered sex offender in New York. To search by name, enter the offender's last name. The Registry cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information. If you believe any information contained in this registry to be inaccurate, please do the following: You can also get a list of all sex offenders who live in a certain County by entering the County name. Further, all information contained within this Website is considered proprietary information of the State Criminal History Repository. Once you have entered the parameters of your sex offender search, we will search through over six billion federal records, as well as state records and country records, to provide you with a comprehensive list of registered sex offenders living in that particular area. Sex offender registry information shall not be used to retaliate against the registrants, their families, or their employers in any way. How Not to Use the Offender Search GoLookUp makes finding detailed information on registered sex offenders in your state and neighborhood quick and easy. It is common for offenders to move and fail to notify the Department of Corrections or their local law enforcement agency of their new address. Individuals included within the registry are included solely by virtue of their conviction record and state law. The placement of information about a convicted sex offender in this database is intended to indicate the level of community notification based on a Tier Assessment. At times this server is brought down for routine maintenance. DPS has made no determination that any individual included in the registry is currently dangerous. The primary purpose of providing this information is to make the information easily available and accessible. In Oklahoma sex offenders are required to register with the Department of Corrections and with their local law enforcement agency. Each report that we provide is a comprehensive collection of public records, and may include court records, email information, social information, marital status, contact information, and more. Before you are able to access complete reports on registered sex offenders in your search area you will need to agree to use the data in a way that is proper and within the law. Use the Search form to locate the offender. Oklahoma Supreme Court Order in Starkey v. In accordance with the Starkey decision, the Oklahoma Department of Corrections is diligently reviewing all registrants on the Oklahoma Sex Offender Registry and will be removing offenders that are determined to be subject to the opinion. Public access to registry information is intended solely for the protection of the public, and should never be used to threaten, intimidate or harass another. Box , West Trenton, New Jersey , Phone , or the Prosecutor in the county where the offender resides. In addition to checking this site, you should contact your local police department or sheriff's office for information they may have about known offenders in your community.

    Sex offender lookup and zip code

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