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    Munro later described his initial impression of Bonin as being "a good guy; really normal", [] although on the evening of June 1, Bonin abruptly informed Munro he wanted the two of them to abduct, rape, and kill a teenage hitchhiker. Kilpatrick was strangled to death before his body was discarded in a remote area of Rialto. The date of Butts' formal plea was delayed by Judge Leetham until January 7. The victims' ages, Bonin had confided, had ranged between 12 and 19, with his youngest victim, Macabe, being the easiest victim to kill. David Foster, an expert on the developmental effects of violence and abuse on children, to testify as to the conclusions of his psychological examinations upon Bonin. Having outlined the torture Bonin's victims had endured, Norris concluded his closing arguments by urging the jury to "give him [Bonin] what he has earned". Bonin became a regular attendee at the frequent parties Fraser held at his apartment and, through these social gatherings, he became acquainted with a year-old named Vernon Butts [34] and an year-old named Gregory Miley.

    Sex over the freeway

    David Foster, an expert on the developmental effects of violence and abuse on children, to testify as to the conclusions of his psychological examinations upon Bonin. The surveillance of Bonin began on the evening of June 2, He was released from detention on October 11, , albeit with 18 months' supervised probation. Barker was also raped, beaten and strangled to death with a ligature; his body also bore evidence of numerous burns to the neck which had been inflicted with a lit cigarette. This had been so consistent and prevalent, he stated, that Bonin held a confusion as to the differences between violence and love. The youths' nude bodies were found on March Miley continued his testimony with the words: At Bonin's apartment, Wells was bound, raped, beaten about the face and torso by both men, then informed he was to be murdered [10] before he was strangled to death with his own T-shirt. As these verdicts were read by the clerk of court , many relatives and friends of Bonin's victims wept openly. Charvet then hearkened towards the credibility of some of the delivered testimony, pouring particular scorn upon Miley and Munro, whom he emphasized had turned state's evidence , and thus, he alleged, had tailored their testimony to the desires of the police. Pugh was driven to his home without being assaulted. Norris requesting the death penalty; Charvet requesting life imprisonment. One victim, Darin Kendrick, was forced to drink hydrochloric acid ; three victims had ice-picks driven into their ears [43] and another victim, Mark Shelton, died of shock. The victims' ages, Bonin had confided, had ranged between 12 and 19, with his youngest victim, Macabe, being the easiest victim to kill. Bonin then strangled Macabe to death with his own T-shirt, [82] before the pair discarded his fully clothed, beaten body alongside a dumpster in the city of Walnut. In his closing argument on behalf of the prosecution, Norris described Bonin as an insatiable, callous individual who acted with malice aforethought , and who derived extreme pleasure from the suffering he inflicted upon his victims. He then drove McVicker home before casually stating, "We'll meet again. In response, Bonin wordlessly leaned across and grabbed Pugh by the collar, dragging him back into the passenger seat. Miley—an illiterate Texas native with an IQ of 56 who supported himself with casual work—also actively participated in the murders he accompanied Bonin upon. John to deduce that Bonin may have indeed been the Freeway Killer. One week later, on March 21, Bonin lured a year-old named Glenn Barker into his van as the youth hitchhiked to school. No clothing or other identifying evidence was discovered at the scene. His body was then discarded in San Bernardino County. Six officers from three of the jurisdictions in which the Freeway Killer had most regularly either abducted or deposited the bodies of his victims formed a task force dedicated to the apprehension of the suspect or suspects who, as one of the officers upon this assembled task force later recalled, was striking at an average rate of once every two weeks in the spring of Medical evidence also revealed that six of the murders for which Bonin was charged were committed by a unique windlass strangulation method, which was referred to by the prosecutor at Bonin's Los Angeles County trial as "a signature, a trademark.

    Sex over the freeway

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      Rugh was bound, beaten and strangled to death after an estimated eight hours of captivity [85] before his body was discarded alongside that of Barker in Cleveland National Forest. These items included various restraining devices including lengths of nylon cord, an assortment of knives, a tire iron, and household implements such as pliers and coat hangers.

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      In the abduction and murder of Lundgren, Bonin was assisted by Butts, who is suspected of accompanying or assisting Bonin on at least eight further murders attributed to the "Freeway Killer.

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      Although Charvet did not specifically ask the jurors to find Bonin not guilty, [] he did request they only return the "reasonable verdict you can bring"; indicating a likelihood of not guilty verdicts on at least some counts upon which Bonin stood charged.

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