• Sex should be banned


    Many may think this type of education decreases stereotypes, however it is the separation of boys and girls in the first place that increases these characteristics. You could tie tubes, vasectomy and even chop it off, but while that would slow down the urges, they would have this empty feeling inside them that they will need to compensate through other means, such as murder. Indeed, we had Prime Minister Justin Trudeau admonishing us the other day that in allegations of sexual harassment: When a person is not allowed to do things, due to some form of need to rebel, they would do it as much as they can. But some leading feminists argue that the very idea demeans women and breeds a culture of exploitation and submission. Such as rapists, pedophiles, reproductive abusers and the like.

    Sex should be banned

    There would also be no more prostitutes and thus the spread of STD's would severly go down. Women would also be respected more, because we'd have to engage in relationships with them based on their personalities, not on how hot they are and how they always give you an erection. It doesn't mean they should be attacked etc but by doing sex work they are basically choosing it over finding other work which is the other less damaging choice. There would be no more over-population and therefore we wouldn't be short on food. We all have to understand that this is not right and has to be stopped. To make a long story short, banning sex isn't the answer. If men are presumptively guilty in any allegation of misconduct, their instinct might be to avoid real women for their own protection. This is not as improbable as it might seem. For example, they can hold a semi-intelligent discussion not on the merits of Wittgenstein, perhaps, but better than: Submit Sex work creates danger and damage Sex work doesn't overall reap positive benefits in terms of healthy relationships or values, but it more often links to crime, violence, and human damage whether it's relationships, children or STDs - whether it is legal or not - so why accept this legally - these are not good outcomes and our law should help set and deter dangerous behaviours that are harmful to other either directly or indirectly. Sex workers and clients often don't consider the domino effect or consequences of what they do in the wider context, and if not because sex workers are trapped then we are encouraging trafficking to use the blurred lines of sex work to continue exploitation and violation of human rights. Then there is the reality that no developed country has sustainable birth rates. Their manufacturers have no interest in the protection or betterment of humanity. Meaning people are still gonna be having sex even if the law is against it. When a person is not allowed to do things, due to some form of need to rebel, they would do it as much as they can. They fear that if robots are programmed to meet our every desire, that might alter the expectations humans have of each other. It is a known fact that male murderers alone, who have a history of sexual related problems, such as the common erectile dysfunction, use a knife to compensate for their lack of use of private parts, because both have been used to symbolically and literally penetrate the victim they would use said knife on. When students from single-gender schools grow up, it will be difficult to communicate with someone of the opposite gender. Single-gender schools provide nothing but a barrier to different relationships we experience not only in school, but out in the big wide world. But some leading feminists argue that the very idea demeans women and breeds a culture of exploitation and submission. We all so need to consider the social and mental aspects. Hell I wouldn't be surprised if known terrorists such as Taliban and ISIS would up their game by dropping the chemical warfare in favor of cultivating all the known STDs in the lab due to it being counted as a crime so horrible that to use it would spread the fear. Not to mention the many new sex crimes one would invent in order to further enforce the law. If a sex worker chooses to continue doing sex work and putting them self in dangers and its illegal like other criminals - they are responsible for that choice. May 12, Posts:

    Sex should be banned

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