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    One side pictures an angel tickling a dragon with a giant feather. The issue depicts a circle of doves on the reverse and the famous three towers of San Marino on the obverse. Mokum is a slang name for Amsterdam. The other side of the medal features both a steam and diesel-electric locomotive engine and the logo of the Union Pacific Railroad. The design features a line of people waving a South African flag. It was nearly feet 37 meters long and weighed more than a million pounds , kg. All lots contiain pretty much the same 10 tokens. Most tokens had the name of the mine or store on it, and were often punched with the mine number or initials of the town.


    To celebrate the event we created two elongated rolled coins utilizing some of the tokens we had struck for our 25th anniversary in the coin business. Issues expanded as slot machines became legal in more jurisdictions across the United States and they have become a popular collectible. The coin is overstruck on an actual United States quarter to avoid anti-counterfeiting laws. All the coins have a common reverse which includes the date, denomination and a motif from the Brazilian flag that features the Southern Cross constellation. They were valued at "2 Units" each by AOCS standards, which was equivalent to 1 ounce of pure copper. The other California quarter is labeled Cruz Control, after Arnold Schwarzenegger's main Democratic opponent in the recall election. The 24mm bi-metallic coin has the Polish Eagle on the reverse. Today it houses a museum. At that time a 4 pound loaf of bread about 2kg. It is in Uncirculated condition. The poorly struck coin depicts Dr. The banknote will cease to be legal tender. The issue honors German philosopher G. The canal was expanded, rerouted and modernized during the early 20th century, though it received relatively little use, except during the Nazi occupation in War II. The other side is the standard obverse featuring a partially incuse design that includes the Croatian arms and a Pine Marten. In the 17th Century English Kings would bless sufferers of scrofula by touching them with coins. Two Thousand of the 27mm tokens were struck by The Patrick Mint. It was claimed by Germany in , transferred to France after World War I, and became independent in The second issue for has a modernistic design featuring the Royal Castle in Warsaw. The Challenger was a huge articulated steam locomotive that was introduced in Croatia is expected to join in The issue depicts a circle of doves on the reverse and the famous three towers of San Marino on the obverse. A riot broke out which left dozens injured and 23 arrested. We offer "gold plated", "silver plated" and copper plated Chinese made versions of the popular bitcoin medallion. The coin depicts the town hall. A deep slot and a center hole is incorporated into the token to prevent regular coins or slugs from being used in the telephone.


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      They are an interesting reminder of a failed alternative hard currency systems. Amsterdam started as a fishing village around a dam in the Amstel river at the end of the 12th century.

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