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    These facts and hundreds more are covered in detail. Creative and advanced sexual techniques Among the unmissable information presented in detail on this section of the website: Hours of downloadable DVD clips of the best sex positions! Great oral sex is an essential part of everyone's sex life! That's just some of the content we have to offer you! You'll never see more beautiful images of the most exciting and romantic sexual positions - all of which you can try for yourself! A thrilling way of achieving the most intense orgasmic ecstasy that just goes on Do you know which positions will help the man last longest if he tends to ejaculate quickly?

    Tasteful sex dvd

    Are there really two sorts of female orgasm - the clitoral and the vaginal? So, would you like to make love for ten minutes? You can't afford to leave the quality of your sex life to chance. Here's what one women said about the oral sex techniques we describe: Long thought of as the expulsion of urine, female ejaculation is now recognized as a real thing: Find out how you can turn your partner on during foreplay, bring her to orgasm, and then enjoy intensely pleasurable and satisfying intercourse with her. It's all explained in detail here. We also describe the process of orgasm and ejaculation in men and women. Find out more here! You'll be astonished what happens when you try it. Inability to ejaculate when masturbating or making love Losing your erection when you're making love or putting on a condom Impotence - what to do when you can't get erect Lack of natural lubrication - how to compensate when she's dry Safe sex - do you know what to do to make sex safe? Our photos alone will show you how to transform your sex life into something truly amazing! Find out exactly what it takes to be a romantic all of the time, and how this can make a woman overflow with love and desire. This is the definitive guide to anal sex! In short, you won't find a better sex website anywhere on the internet. The good news is that you're about to become a superb lover. Don't believe people who tell you that coming together isn't important. This wonderful source of pleasure should never be overlooked, because it can strengthen your relationship and keep you in good health as well! Take our extraordinary brain masculinity-femininity test to establish exactly how masculine or feminine you are - and find out why male and female brains are different! Best of all, there's one sex position that's almost certain to make a woman reach orgasm during vaginal intercourse, so you can both enjoy an orgasm during penetration. Sadly, most of us never discover the best sex positions, never find out about the tips and tricks that make sex wildly passionate, and never learn how to really please our partners. How to achieve simultaneous orgasm during intercourse. Well, we think that's an exaggeration, but it's true that the more we understand about each other, the better our sex lives will be. Find out what women really think about penis size here. Imagine what it will mean to your sex life when you know hundreds of fantastic sex positions which can take you and your partner to the highest levels of sexual pleasure Creative and advanced sexual techniques Among the unmissable information presented in detail on this section of the website: It's a detailed photographic library of human variation.

    Tasteful sex dvd

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