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    Competing interests The authors declare that they have no competing interests. What was it like to make your first adult video at the age of 83? Devil's drink plays havoc with village youth. A topic guide was used, that was pre-tested for face and construct validity. The desire for love and sexual pleasure also contributed to their multiple concurrent partnerships.

    Young boys with old men sex

    The average age of adolescents interviewed in the study was But these groups of boys don't have any cash, they just get them and hijack them yah," FGD, out-of-school boys. Discussion In this qualitative study on sexual behaviour of youth in Kisumu, Kenya, we found that the majority had sex at a young age, sometimes with multiple and concurrent partners, mostly without using a condom. Transactional sex amongst young people in rural northern Tanzania: An attitude change perspective Annual Review of Sex Research. Methods We conducted in-depth interviews with adolescents aged in Kisumu, held 4 FGDs, and performed 48 observations at places where youth spend their free time. MacPhail C, Campbell C. What was it like to make your first adult video at the age of 83? Short notes were taken during the 2-to-3 hour observations when possible, and detailed notes were compiled afterwards describing the physical setting, the activities taking place, socio-demographics of participants estimated age, gender , and their verbal and non verbal behaviour. Moreover, such young girls are at a disadvantage in negotiating safe sex during such partnerships [ 36 - 38 ]. Condom use was irregular during all types of sexual encounters. Video halls - rooms with a TV and VCR - often show pornography at night for a very small fee, and minors are allowed. Men in settings like Kenya generally are expected to conform to a range of behavioural norms that confirm the hegemonic masculinity [ 26 ]. For the in-depth interviews, a convenience sample of 75 boys and 75 girls aged years were interviewed at their households. Our aim was to deepen our understanding of the dynamics of sexual interactions of adolescents, in order to explain the high HIV prevalence among Kisumu youth in general and specifically among girls. These places should be regulated and monitored by the government. Most attendees were young men, but some girls also attended. Results Porn video shows and local brew dens were identified as popular events where unprotected multipartner, concurrent, coerced and transactional sex occurs between adolescents. Drugs and local alcohol often facilitated these encounters [ 19 - 22 ]. Published online April Socioeconomic disadvantage and unsafe sexual behaviors among young women and men in South Africa. Our study strongly points to female vulnerabilities and the role of men in perpetuating the local epidemic. Our findings show how exposure to pornography in video halls encourages liberal sexual attitudes and behaviour among young people. During interviews over a third 56 of youth interviewed mostly boys said they have gone to drink in these local brew dens. Morris C, Ferguson A. Condom use was neither common nor consistent: A few boys found it difficult to count all sexual partners:

    Young boys with old men sex

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      Our findings point to gender-related power differences that expose young girls to HIV risk. Skinning the goat and pulling the load:

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